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Elouisa absolutely loved her time at Camp.  She came back full of tales about her experiences – abseiling, caving, fencing, swimming, doing archery, having a midnight party with her room-mates and in her words, eating an ice cream as big as her head!  She loved making new friends too – I think she found it refreshing to be surrounded by other little girls with pumps just like hers.  From a parent’s perspective it felt as if Elouisa matured 2 years in 2 days, particularly in terms of her attitude towards her T1.  She came back more confident, more interested and move involved, actively suggesting how she might deal with a low for example, when previously she just let it wash over her, with me doing everything.  She used to be reticent about mentioning her T1 in public and I’ve noticed since Camp she’s been very willing to refer to it in conversations with people she’s only just met – it’s like Camp normalised everything for her in her mind.  She had the best time and can’t wait to go back next year!”


Parent of Elouisa who attended 2016 Cromer Camp

I was nervous the first year I was going to camp but I’m so happy I did it. I didn’t know anybody else but soon made some great friends. We met up again at the camp this year and have even set up our own social network group now called “The Delightful Diabetics”. This means we can stay in touch with each other all year round which is great. The camp helped me get more confident with managing my diabetes on my own without Mum and Dad there. It was comforting as well to see that I’m not alone with having to do all the daily blood sugar testing and carb counting. It’s given me more confidence about going on school residential trips as well, now that I know I can deal with things on my own. Can’t wait to go again next year to meet up with my friends and do all the fun activities

Sasha (the Delightful Diabetic )”


2016 Youth Camp Cromer Attendee

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