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Activity Camp

Why Attend A Camp?

It’s a fantastic opportunity to make some life long friendships. Attending these camps will also help you with your self confidence and managing your diabetes whilst doing activities. You can also learn a lot from being around your peers whilst in a safe managed environment.

What To Expect​

This is an opportunity to participate in some fantastic activities, which will enhance many different skills sets like problem solving, team work, independence, decision making and creativity all of which are great life skills which help you in your diabetes management and throughout your life.

Sasha 2016 Youth Camp Cromer Attendee

"I was nervous the first year I was going to camp but I'm so happy I did it. The camp helped me get more confident with managing my diabetes on my own without Mum and Dad there. It was comforting as well to see that I'm not alone with having to do all the daily blood sugar testing and carb counting. It's given me more confidence about going on school residential trips as well, now that I know I can deal with things on my own. Can't wait to go again next year to meet up with my friends and do all the fun activities

Elouisa 2016 Youth Camp Cromer Attendee

"Elouisa absolutely loved her time at Camp. She came back full of tales about her experiences - abseiling, caving, fencing, swimming, doing archery, having a midnight party with her room-mates and in her words, eating an ice cream as big as her head! She loved making new friends too - I think she found it refreshing to be surrounded by other little girls with pumps just like hers. She had the best time and can't wait to go back next year!"

Our story

Creating Wonderful Memories

These Camps build good memories for the future, kids have tons of memories of the good times, silly shenanigans and fun activities. It’s a time of discovery and self-improvement that stays with children long into adulthood.

Develops Independence

It’s a great way to encourage self-development and also develop independence, kids are empowered at camp to take care of themselves, with guidance from camp staff. Kids a little too attached to mum and dad can learn how to trust themselves to make decisions and take care of themselves.

Our 2017 8-10yrs Activity Camp

Here is a great video from the 2017 camp held at The National Trust Activity Centre in Brancaster, Norfolk. This gives you a fantastic insight to what the young people got up to whilst on camp.

Instills Leadership Skills

It teaches them important leadership skills, camps allow kids to make natural choices as leaders of a team whilst doing there activities. These kids are less likely to be affected by peer pressure and more likely to set the pace and tone for other kids  and feel empowered in tasks they take on throughout their lives.

Develop Interests​

Camps are a nurturing environment for a child to explore activities and programs that could turn into lifelong passions, with so much to do at camp, there are many fun activities for kids to discover. That’s why it’s the perfect place for your child to tap into an interest that he or she may want to carry on after camp is over.

Who Is It For?

Our Activity Adventure Camps are aimed at anyone who is type 1 diabetic who either lives or receives their diabetes care at a clinic within the east of England network region.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions regarding our camps, you can either call us during working hours or email your inquiry to one of of team and we will get back to you ASAP. You can also take advantage of our social media platforms and drop us a message via Facebook or Twitter 

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