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Whilst on our adventure activity camps and other events we have a fantastic opportunity to capture some amazing moments of the young people engaging in the various activities they do, we also see the friendships they build at camp which are also shown in the photo's & video's. On the more recent camps we have been using GroPro cameras which are great for catching the action of the activities.

11-13YRS Activity Camp 2017

This Activity Camp was held at The National Trust Activity centre in Brancaster, North Norfolk

Newly Diagnosed Camp 2017

Family weekend with the main focus being education, held at The National Trust Activity Centre Brancaster, Norfolk

Youth Activity Camp 2016

Held at Kingwood activity centre, West Runton, Norfolk. This camp was primarily aim and 8-12yrs

Teen Activity Camp 2016

This camp was for 13-17yrs which was located at Kingwood activity centre, Overstrand Hall, North Norfolk.


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